Author Topic: [Fixed] SLADE has problems with loading certain characters  (Read 1894 times)


[Fixed] SLADE has problems with loading certain characters
« on: August 11, 2011, 06:20:48 pm »
13:07   Prime_2   I'd like you to forward a bug report to the slade team
13:07   Prime_2   I'd do it myself, but the registration on their forum has been bugged for a while and there isn't any other contact info I could find
13:07   Torgo   maybe I can tell them about that :P
13:08   Prime_2   ...anyways, SLADE has issues with loading characters with a hex code greater than used by the tilde
13:08   Prime_2   that is, ~
13:08   Prime_2   This includes stuff from extended ascii and such
13:08   Prime_2   accented characters, acrillic, all that
13:10   Prime_2   but every one after ~ fails to load properly in SLADE
13:11   Torgo   So it has problems with unicode?
13:11   Prime_2   and this isn't just a display issue; what usually happens is that multiple junk characters get loaded in their place
13:11   Prime_2   this applies to lump names and lump contents
13:11   Prime_2   the latter is of course rather alarming
13:12   Prime_2   You can enter these characters and save them just fine, but if you load them it messes up, and if you save after loading it stays messed up, and messes up further on reloading
13:12   Prime_2   ...this is particularly embarassing for SLADE because XWE of all things does this correctly

So any character above  U+007E (~) doesn't only display correctly, but apparently gets replaced by junk characters.
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Re: SLADE has problems with loading certain characters
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What would you need to use strange characters like that for anyway? Either way it's probably a wx thing.


Re: SLADE has problems with loading certain characters
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I could see this caused by botched UTF-8 conversions.