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Organize/sort options.
« on: November 23, 2011, 04:20:53 pm »
Messy wads are hard to deal with and time consuming and just ugly. This is a few simple options to organize. Sort all lmps alphabetically, of course locking the MAP##s with their map lmps. And options to sort types of lmps alphabetically. "Sort all patches," "sort all maps".

- A single option to organize all lmps alphabetically.
- Options to sort types of lmps alphabetically.
- Would lock MAP##s to their map lmps and SS_START style marker lmps to the various types of ranges.


Re: Organize/sort options.
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Re: Organize/sort options.
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I would like this as well. Even though I don't work in wads, when using a zip the only way to sort entries (short of doing it manually) is to close it, open in a file manager and add a file.

It's most problematic when adding directories, which can't be moved with the up/down buttons. I'm not sure this isn't a bug, though.


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Agreed; furthermore, moving entries up/down should possibly be restricted for map groups so that you can only move lumps inside a map group, or whole map groups among each other (to avoid e.g. vertices or linedefs of one map being moved to another map).