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Unidoom: Almost Winning, Always Trying
« on: March 10, 2013, 04:26:35 am »
Busy times in UD land! This weekend, faithful warrior Rottking tested his mettle against the finest of fighting game players. Managing to forward the 1000 proper ports and praying that GGPO would feel like working, our brave UD'er jumped into a Vampire Savior tournament. Did you know people still played this game? I sure didn't. Probably because David Sirlin hasn't made an awful HD remix of it yet.

But anyways UD managed to take home the almost bronze with a respectable 4th place finish out of 25 participants. After getting owned in the first round (brackets here) Rottking bounced back and kept alive in the losers brackets. It wasn't until the final few matches that the dream was over.

In any case indisputable proof that UD actually still plays video games. Good on you Rottking.

Archived stream is here. Rott's on at 1:43:30 and 1:54:20. Probably more but just watch the whole thing.
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