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[] HPack SVN?
« on: August 07, 2013, 12:42:13 pm »
Dear Hosters of MancuNET,

now that DRDTeam and all its SVN projects have been moved to its new host, I wanted to ask what happened to the HPack SVN (the Heretic community project we have been working on at the Realm667). As of now, the old connection data doesn't work anymore, so I guess we need new data - or the SVN hasn't been activated or transferred yet.

I have no idea if you will still support us - but we'd happy to keep our SVN. :) If you are not intending to do this service in the future, I will need to find a different host for the project's SVN but I'd be happy if you could send me the latest status of the whole SVN (only the latest updated files) so I am up to date with anything.

Thanks for your time and reply,
best regards,


Re: [] HPack SVN?
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I set up my own SVN, thanks anyway.