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Congratulations PDK
« on: February 09, 2014, 12:53:59 am »
Congrats PDK your generous donation to the website has ensured its survival for another year. Rest easy knowing that clan UD will be able to post once a year and invent holidays thanks to you. You're also in UD, which you've always been, but now you know for sure.

In UD news we're still alive, we're pretty busy nowadays what with being adults and having lives but we still play games sometimes. CS:GO is a pretty big one, we tied an iconic clan today so that's pretty cool. You can find the members with too much money and time on their hands are grinding out TF2 trade servers for $100 hats.

I guess that's really it. We're all rooting for Fran to earn his next gold medal in Sochi. Go team!