Author Topic: UD Commemorates the Start of the Olympics 2014  (Read 3546 times)


UD Commemorates the Start of the Olympics 2014
« on: February 13, 2014, 06:53:04 am »
A huge day in the history of Unidoom. The premier DooM clan and development team. AceOfSpades has won the first ever gold medal in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.

An 8 man tournament consisting of the best Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo players from all over the world. Contestants from the United States to Canada signed up for this exciting tournament. Ralphis the self-proclaimed best ssf2t player in the world came in talking a big game and had high hopes to win this tournament only to be upset by second seeded AceOfSpades. Here is a link to full bracket and VOD for your viewing pleasure.

Along with walking away with his gold medal and autographs from the other seven contestants AceofSpades will also be receiving Nimble Quest on Steam. Sign ups for next weeks tournament will be announced shortly. Remember, stay tuned to as we've got many things in store for you over the next few weeks.
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Re: UD Commemorates the Start of the Olympics 2014
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Fran tied a dude that didn't even play a game


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