Author Topic: UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match  (Read 4936 times)


UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
« on: June 18, 2004, 06:45:12 am »
Tonight, the newly formed RFA challenged and battled against the forces of the long-standing UD/OS alliance. It was a complete blowout as UD literally wiped the floor with them, but it was all in good spirit.

An anonymous player of the RFA clan was quoted after the game: "What I don't get is how you guys[Unidoom] could keep up a relentless assault like that...and still take us[RFA] out while we're heading towards your base."

RFA was forgiven though, despite their annoying spam of "RFA!!!" or "RED F***IN ARMY!!!" constantly in the server. VMDX of RFA said, "Well, we're a new clan, and I think our teamwork was fair. But as this match showed need a helluva lotta training." Good game RFA, and better luck next time! A demo can of the game can be found here.


UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
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UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
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Let me try this again...

Demos = r0x0r


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UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
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i cant help myself, but ud sux hard :)


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UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
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I have to admit, I'm going to have to watch this demo from VMDX's perspective... I want to see what they felt like playing against us. =D


UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
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You should challenge YMCA


UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
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Go UD wooOoOOOoh!
Network Administrator, and I smash robuts!


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UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
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Well done UD!! You definately crushed those guys in their own match type. I'm gonna get the demo now.


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UD vs. RFA Official Clan Match
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Props to UD :D


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