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SLADE 3.1.0 Released, Finally
« on: June 20, 2014, 02:36:39 pm »
After 3+ years it's finally here - SLADE 3.1.0, with the first iteration of the map editor. A short, probably incomplete overview of the map editor features is below:

Code: [Select]
- Support for Doom, Hexen and UDMF format maps
- 'Split' game configuration system - just select a game and a port, no more long list of 'ZDoom + Doom 2', 'ZDoom + Doom 1' etc. configs
- Syncs up with the resource editor - changed a texture? it'll update in the map editor
- Nice looking, smoothly animated 2d map editor view
-- Textured sectors
-- Filled sector hilight/selection (optional)
-- Multiple thing view styles
- Advanced line drawing feature (default key Space):
-- Can draw lines overlapping or splitting other lines
-- On finishing line draw, sectors are automatically built, no need to play around with sector references
- Shape drawing feature (default key Shift+Space):
-- Same advantages as line drawing, allows for faster drawing of simple shapes, eg. draw a rectangle with 2 clicks instead of 5
-- Currently supports square/rectangle and circle/ellipse shapes, with more simple shapes to come in future versions
- 'Object Edit' feature, similar to DB2's edit mode (default key E)
-- Move and scale by dragging the edit box from the middle or edges
-- Rotate by holding ctrl and dragging the edit box corners
-- A bar will show at the bottom of the window allowing manual entry of offset/scale/rotation values
- 3d editing mode
-- No need to build nodes
-- Allows unlimited view distance (not recommended on old hardware and/or very complex maps)
-- Correct Doom aspect ratio for a more accurate preview of what the map will look like in-game
-- Walls/flats/things can be selected and deselected, allows editing multiple objects at once
-- Shift+click to 'flood-select' similar adjacent walls/flats
- Support for advanced port features:
-- ZDoom UDMF enhancements
--- Sector colouring preview in 2d/3d modes
--- Flat scaling, offsets and rotation preview in 2d/3d modes
-- ZDoom DECORATE thing definitions support
- Categorised texture and thing type browsers
- Script editor with syntax highlighting and autocompletion (ACS only for now)

Of course, the rest of the program has also improved considerably since 3.0.2, with a lot of additions, changes and fixes, outlined below:

Code: [Select]
- Added ability to open maps with [Doom Builder 2]( (if it is installed)
- Keybinds are now configurable in the preferences dialog
- Added colour configuration to preferences dialog
- Removed the maps list from the open archives tab on the archive manager
- Merged the Archives and Recent Files tabs into one
- Implemented a custom toolbar, replacing the ugly wxAUI ones
- Implemented notebook tab art class from CodeLite, now tabs look a fair bit nicer, especially in linux
- Added 'Replace x In Maps' feature
- Improved entry type detection speed
- Console command batches (run all commands contained in a file or entry)
- Implemented basic undo/redo system
- Updated the start page layout, changed to use wxWebView (which uses a proper HTML renderer - IE on Windows and WebKit on Linux/OSX)
- Added toolbar size option - Small (16x16, default), Medium (24x24) and Large (32x32). Mostly for use with High-PPI displays (eg. 'Retina' screens)
- Added a basic 'first time setup' wizard, with pages to set up temp folder, base resource archives and node builders
- Added 'Run Map/Archive' feature
- Directories can be opened as archives
- Various updates and additions to game and language configurations
- Many other improvements and bug fixes

Format Support:
- SWITCHES and ANIMATED entries can be compiled from and decompiled into SWANTBLS syntax
- ROTT's masked pictures with translucency are now supported
- HMI, HMP, and XMI music playback has been implemented
- PC speaker sound playback is now emulated
- Added mp3 and tracker module playback
- Added playback of Wolfenstein digitized sounds (VSWAP)

Resource Editor:
- Modified archives now show a - on their tab title
- Added toolbars to most entry panels, replacing the top bar and 'custom' toolbars added to the main bar
- New maintenance options:
-- Clean out entries that are identical duplicates of an IWAD entry
-- Check for duplicated entry content with a CRC-32 check for each entry
-- Basic 'remove unused textures' and 'remove unused patches' actions
- Entry list improvements:
-- Multiple entry name filters can now be entered (separated by commas) eg: "MAP01, MAP02"
-- Added option to colour entry list item background by entry type
-- Added new 'index' column to entry list
-- Added option to alternate entry list row colours
-- Renamed 'Gfx' entry list context submenu to 'Graphics' - will now only show when multiple entries are selected (to avoid having both 'Gfx' and 'Graphic' submenus showing at once)
- Gfx Entries:
-- Gfx offsets are preserved on import
-- In the gfx conversion dialog, the transparent colour can now be set by left-clicking on the current preview image
-- Added 'Modify Offsets' button to gfx entry panel
-- Added 'Convert to...' to gfx entry panel toolbar
-- Colourise and Tint can be applied to multiple gfx entries
-- Translations can be previewed in truecolor; which is useful if you're using the translation editor to get translation strings for DECORATE/ACS for GZDoom, instead of using it to directly change pictures
- Text Entries:
-- Added some extra colour configuration options and themes for the text editor
-- Added 'Jump To' feature for various text languages
-- Added word wrapping checkbox
- Audio Entries:
-- MIDIs can now be played (in Windows) without specifying a soundfont to use (the system MIDI device will be used instead of Fluidsynth)
-- FluidSynth player can now load several soundfonts at once
-- Show message box if errors occured on audio conversion
- Added basic palette editing functionality
- Added ability to directly generate new PLAYPAL, ANIMATED and SWITCHES entries instead of having to create an empty entry and then import content in it
- Added COLORMAP entry generation
- Hex viewer can now also show grid cells as decimal or ASCII
- Added "Edit Level Script" button to MapEntryPanel and FraggleScript language
- Added things to map preview
- Double-clicking a texture entry opens the texture editor
- Patch/texture browser improvements:
-- Changed the browser to use a proper font for item names
-- Browser background changed to the checkered texture used in most other gfx views (optional)
-- Added 'zoom' slider to the browser window

Texture Editor:
- Added ability to export a texture to a single graphic entry
- Rearranged the layout somewhat so that the UI fits better on smaller screens (for TEXTURES editing in particular)
- Added 'Rename Each' for textures
- Improved TEXTURES support
- When saving textures, only texture entries that have actually been modified are rewritten
- Textures can now be sorted
- If alt is held down when moving a patch with the arrow keys, a duplicate patch will be added and moved
- Support for "UseOffsets" property

With 3.1.0 now finally released, work has begun on the next feature update, 3.1.1. It already features the ability to sort various lists (eg. the entry list) by clicking column headers, some improvements to the audio entry player, and support for more advanced map features.

If needed, there may be minor 3.1.0.x updates, which will be purely bug fixes - any new features will have to wait for 3.1.1. I'd also like to start some preliminary work on the project system, for 3.2.0, at some point soon. This time, though, I should hopefully handle it better, releasing reasonably regular 3.1.x updates while 3.2.0 is in development. I'd rather not go 3 years without a stable release again, especially with so much more that needs to be done...
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Re: SLADE 3.1.0 Released, Finally
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2014, 08:58:28 am »
If needed, there may be minor 3.1.0.x updates, which will be purely bug fixes - any new features will have to wait for 3.1.1.
So, if I merge back my music branch, it'll have to be in 3.1.1 rather than master?


Re: SLADE 3.1.0 Released, Finally
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Yeah that would be ideal, I'd like to keep master for bugfixes for the current stable release from now on, and have a branch for the next version up (currently 3.1.1). The main reason 3.1.0 ended up in master is because it had been so long since 3.0.2.