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SLADE Released
« on: November 07, 2014, 02:02:06 am »
A small update for 3.1.0 has been released, with various minor fixes and improvements:

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- Updated language configurations
- Typing characters when the browser window is focused will update the filter rather than jump to the next matching item
- Added check for Windows Media Player installation - MIDI playback without a soundfont will now be disabled when WMP is not installed
- Added (optional) confirmation dialog on exit
- Added 'SLADE 2' colour configuration (for map editor)
- Fixed error messages not showing after failed ACC compilation

Resource Editor
- Texture editor patch browser is now correctly centered when opened
- Un-check textures from the current base resource by default in 'Remove Unused Textures' function

Map Editor
- Fixed crash on moving a vertex in a map with no lines
- Scripts are cleared on creating a new map
- Fixed possible crash when saving the map while in 3d mode
- Add the new archive to recent files on map 'Save As' (or saving a new map)
- Fixed wrong UDMF wall/flat scaling preview
- Drawing lines anti-clockwise outside of a sector will no longer create invalid lines