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Assorted OSX Issues on
« on: May 21, 2015, 10:13:14 pm »
I've been trying to run SLADE 3 on OSX 10.10, and have run into a few issues:
  • When first booting up, the SLADE startup splash covers the configuration wizard
  • Double-clicking on the title bar makes the window stick to the upper left hand corner of the desktop and more importantly hides the title bar - it might be underneath the menu, but I don't think so.  Only way I could get the title bar back was to delete my config.
  • Under Text Editor/Fonts & Colors, when I try and click on "Courier, 10" in the settings panel, SLADE beachballs and eventually dies.  Editing the stylesheet config file by hand seems to work okay.
  • Under Scripting/ACS -> Location of acc executable, I can't actually select the acc executable when I browse for it.  If I put the path in manually, it works.
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Re: Assorted OSX Issues on
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I've opened separate issues for them on the issue tracker.