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[] Crash when changing map_image_ options
« on: June 17, 2015, 10:30:17 am »
If you change any of the map_image_ options (map_image_height, map_image_thickness, map_image_width), SLADE tends to crash. This seems to happen, most of the time, in two situations:

- If you change the option while a map is being displayed (the MAPXX lump is highlighted), the program crashes once you click "OK".
- If you change the option while a map isn't being displayed, and then display a map, then the program will crash once you close the WAD's tab in SLADE.

I've also had different situations - e.g. changing the option made SLADE crash the next time a map was displayed.

Usually, I get this sort of a long error log:

Code: [Select]
Current action: main_preferences
Stack Trace:
0: [unknown location] [unknown:0]
1: (c:\dev\slade3\src\maprenderer2d.cpp:2749) MapRenderer2D::updateVerticesVBO
2: (c:\dev\slade3\src\maprenderer2d.cpp:2952) MapRenderer2D::forceUpdate
3: (c:\dev\slade3\src\mapcanvas.cpp:2288) MapCanvas::forceRefreshRenderer
4: (c:\dev\slade3\src\mapeditorwindow.cpp:933) MapEditorWindow::forceRefresh
5: (c:\dev\slade3\src\dialogs\preferences\colourprefspanel.cpp:205) ColourPrefsPanel::applyPreferences
6: (c:\dev\slade3\src\dialogs\preferences\preferencesdialog.cpp:221) PreferencesDialog::applyPreferences
7: (c:\dev\slade3\src\dialogs\preferences\preferencesdialog.cpp:275) PreferencesDialog::openPreferences
8: (c:\dev\slade3\src\mainwindow.cpp:814) MainWindow::handleAction
9: (c:\dev\slade3\src\mainapp.cpp:1095) MainApp::doAction
10: (c:\dev\slade3\src\mainapp.cpp:1167) MainApp::onMenu
11: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\appbase.cpp:612) wxAppConsoleBase::HandleEvent
12: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\appbase.cpp:623) wxAppConsoleBase::CallEventHandler
13: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\event.cpp:1751) wxEvtHandler::SearchDynamicEventTable
14: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\event.cpp:1585) wxEvtHandler::TryHereOnly
15: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\event.cpp:1495) wxEvtHandler::ProcessEvent
16: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\event.cpp:1416) wxEvtHandler::DoTryApp
17: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\wincmn.cpp:3433) wxWindowBase::TryAfter
18: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\event.cpp:1508) wxEvtHandler::ProcessEvent
19: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\wincmn.cpp:3427) wxWindowBase::TryAfter
20: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\event.cpp:1508) wxEvtHandler::ProcessEvent
21: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\event.cpp:1647) wxEvtHandler::SafelyProcessEvent
22: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\menucmn.cpp:666) wxMenuBase::SendEvent
23: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\framecmn.cpp:298) wxFrameBase::ProcessCommand
24: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\msw\frame.cpp:826) wxFrame::HandleCommand
25: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\msw\frame.cpp:889) wxFrame::MSWWindowProc
26: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\msw\window.cpp:2711) wxWndProc
27: [unknown location] GetDC
28: [unknown location] GetDC
29: [unknown location] GetWindowLongW
30: [unknown location] DispatchMessageW
31: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\msw\evtloop.cpp:170) wxGUIEventLoop::ProcessMessage
32: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\msw\evtloop.cpp:232) wxGUIEventLoop::Dispatch
33: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\evtloopcmn.cpp:206) wxEventLoopManual::DoRun
34: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\evtloopcmn.cpp:78) wxEventLoopBase::Run
35: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\appbase.cpp:334) wxAppConsoleBase::MainLoop
36: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\common\init.cpp:495) wxEntryReal
37: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\msw\main.cpp:188) wxEntry
38: (f:\programming\libs\wxwidgets-3.0.2\src\msw\main.cpp:415) wxEntry
39: (c:\dev\slade3\src\mainapp.cpp:306) WinMain
40: (f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c:618) __tmainCRTStartup
41: [unknown location] RegisterWaitForInputIdle

In one instance, I got a shorter log instead: (this was where I opened SLADE, opened a WAD, clicked on a MAPxx lump, exported a map image, closed the WAD, then tried changing the options - the program crashed immediately after I clicked OK)
Code: [Select]
Current action: main_preferences
Stack Trace:
0: [unknown location] [unknown:0]
1: (c:\dev\slade3\src\maprenderer2d.cpp:2749) MapRenderer2D::updateVerticesVBO
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Re: [] Crash when changing map_image_ options
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2015, 06:38:52 pm »
The location of the crash doesn't make much sense with your description, since it happens in the map editor which is completely different code from the map image render.


Re: [] Crash when changing map_image_ options
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2016, 07:19:42 pm »
This is an old post, yet only number 5 on the list - so considered 'new' - so I'll wake it up as I have the same problem I think.
I don't use the map editor in Slade - only the archive part.
I open my wad and click the Mapxx to see the map, then save my map with 'Save Map Image' - this has always worked fine as long as 'map_image_height' and 'map_image_width' has been left at default (-5)
However, as soon as I change this value to -1, -2, -3 or even -4 the program can't save any images.

I get an error message with the header: Unhandled exception
And the error message is: 'An unhandeled exception occurred. Press "Abort" to terminate the program, "Retry" to exit the program normally and "Ignore" to try to continue.'
If I click 'Ignore' the program keeps working as normal, but does not save the image. I can then revert the settings to -5, and then the image will save as soon as I click 'Save Map Image' - just like normal.

Just in addition I'd like to say I'd also love to be able to see flats on the image exported - but that is an idea/request best fit for the other forum-part although related.

edit: I forgot: I use Slade

edit2: It seem that on very small maps a value of -1 works.. I suspect there is a pixel-size limit of some sorts that causes large maps with low values to crash - which is likely why -5 is set as a default. If true I'd like to be able to export larger pixel-files without a crash - to produce high quality exports also for large maps
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