Author Topic: Happy Birthday Doom Connector!  (Read 8009 times)


Happy Birthday Doom Connector!
« on: March 03, 2005, 02:30:41 pm »
It's not for its creation however, it's for its hosting.  That's right, Doom Connector turns 1 year old today as hosted on MancuNET Services.  There's been some ups, some downs, some operating system changes, but overall it's been quite successful.  Thanks to Dagger, Codeimp, and all the mods for their hard work and dedication.  These are the people that really do all the work.  

If you've never used Doom Connector before and you've been looking for a DM launcher that covers a wide variety of doom source ports/engines (as well as additional games), then I highly recommend taking it for a quick spin.
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Happy Birthday Doom Connector!
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Madcat Mayhem

Happy Birthday Doom Connector!
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And to celebrate, my isp has decided to let my connection decompose *throws up horns*


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