Author Topic: SLADE v3.1.1.5 Released, WinXP Support Returns (For Now)  (Read 1668 times)


SLADE v3.1.1.5 Released, WinXP Support Returns (For Now)
« on: January 18, 2017, 12:43:38 am »
Another minor bugfix release for 3.1.1 is here, as usual you can see the changes over at the change log, and can download it at the downloads page.

On Windows XP Support
Since v3.1.1.3, SLADE has not run on Windows XP, which was due to the crash report sending feature introduced in that version. With v3.1.1.5 I have provided a Windows XP build that disables this feature, so it should run again.

Going forward, if another issue preventing SLADE from running on Windows XP crops up, I will not be implementing another workaround to correct it and at that point SLADE will no longer officially support Windows XP.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep XP compatibility while moving forward with modern development tools and libraries, not to mention the OS is no longer supported by Microsoft itself.

What's Next
Now that a new stable release is out, I plan to get the first beta for 3.1.2 out fairly soon, which should include some kind of ZScript support.

As it's been so long since 3.1.1 and the planned features for 3.1.2 aren't even half done yet, I think some of the map editing features planned for it will need to be pushed back, unfortunately. There are already other good map editors around but not much else for resource editing, so I will likely be focusing on that side of SLADE for the next few versions at least.

Of course, that doesn't mean the map editor will be neglected - often new features are implemented depending on what I feel like doing at the time rather than what I think is most important, SLADE is a hobby project after all =P
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Re: SLADE v3.1.1.5 Released, WinXP Support Returns (For Now)
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I just saw the update pop up in my repo list.

Thanks so much for your continued work on this project, I know I'm not the only one that appreciates it!