Author Topic: First v3.1.2 Beta Released  (Read 980 times)


First v3.1.2 Beta Released
« on: May 24, 2017, 03:11:57 am »
Long long overdue, finally the first beta version of SLADE 3.1.2 is released. I had wanted to get a bit more done before releasing this (namely proper ZScript support), however that was proving much more complicated than I anticipated, so it's on hold for now.

3.1.2 has seen lots of changes over 3.1.1, which you can see a (somewhat condensed) list of here.

Note that this version also has many under-the-hood changes which could potentially have caused some bugs to creep in, so be warned that some things may be broken that were fine before. Please report any issues on the issue tracker (or alternatively SLADE Discord or the ZDoom forums thread if you prefer).

I hope (yeah I know I keep saying this stuff =P) to have more rapid releases from now on, more than a year between major versions is too long. Also expect more rapid/minor beta releases as bugs are fixed etc before the final 3.1.2 release.