Author Topic: Collecting Clan War matchups...for science...and stuff!  (Read 417 times)


Collecting Clan War matchups...for science...and stuff!
« on: October 25, 2017, 10:46:10 am »
Let's have a central repository for posting Clan War matchups. This goes for both good and bad matchups. We refer to our own internal data driven information, but we also want to make sure this coincides with what the community is seeing as well.
Simply stating the number of Town Halls on each side doesn't give us a clear enough idea of why a matchup is good or bad. We need to see the breakdown of each base on each side. I understand this is a tedious request, but it does give us a greater understanding of what you are seeing.
To try and prevent massive walls of texts, presenting the information in a table would make it much simpler to read. You can find the table creation function in the formatting options.


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