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Creating and setting up a Discord server
« on: November 02, 2017, 11:59:06 am »
I've had a few inquiries about Discord what with the TS pranking and other issues associated with voice comm servers in the last little while.  Read this post twice - you'll need to so as to fully understand what you're doing.
 I have a fair amount of IT and server admin experience, and have set up both self-hosted and web hosted Mumble and TS servers over the years. I liked Mumble better until Discord came along.  But now I like Discord most - it's a well-polished app with few drawbacks, except there's no option to host a Discord server yourself.  So if Discord folds or becomes undesirable for whatever reason, you're hosed - in which case I would go back to Mumble. But let's walk you through Discord.

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