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We have a webcomic!
« on: October 13, 2006, 03:24:27 am »
That's right ladies and gentlemen, Unidoom launches headfirst into the 21st century with a brand new webcomic! Unidoom hero Exp
  • has managed to cobble together a bot that automatically creates a new comix from a template whenever someone says lol, rofl or haha in our channel (which is pretty fucking often.) Featuring fan favourite templates such as Dino Comics and Tales From Texas, we've already seen some state of the art awesome comix hit the internet.

    Here's what we've produced so far!

    Unbelievable! That could have been you making history in the third panel! Wow! Other favourites include an intelligent discussion about Serious Sam, and chatting about DDR.

    If you want to be a part of the magic you can head over to #unidoom, or read the entire archive so far. Be sure to download the ones you like! Comix older than 3 days get deleted automatically.

    EDIT!: Ace's Pick!
    EDIT2!: Ralph's Pick!
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Re: We have a webcomic!
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FP loooooooool

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tales From Texas (a Doom community comic starring Carnevil,) check out the archives at

Also thanks exp ^_________________^


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Re: We have a webcomic!
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I encourage people to make new templates and send them to me. I may use them if they don't suck. The format is pretty self-explanatory if you read the ini files here.


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Re: We have a webcomic!
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Re: We have a webcomic!
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How about adding this template (based on a Carnbarn comic by Ralphis):


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Re: We have a webcomic!
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My pick here!