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Free Games Week
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In the spirit of Christmas, have some free games! Head here for the old week of free games.

First up is Cave Story! If you haven't played this game before, format your hard drive and fill it with thousands of copies of this game. Seriously, download this game.

Next is Torus Trooper! The main point of the game is to go as fast as possible, and TT does a great job at simulating speed. Here's a quick video of the general idea of the gameplay. If you play this game for an extended period you will become one with the game. Seriously, After a while you'll feel like you're in bullet time.

CURRENT HIGH SCORE: AceOfSpades 2463207

Arrow keys - move
Z - Regular shot, it gets wider the faster you are going
X - Charge bomb, this will start charging a bomb that will destroy any bullets or enemies in your way. Release X to fire it.

Moving along, we have Lyle in Cube Sector! This is one of those Metroid style games where you can explore the whole world at your leisure, and then you find upgrades and explore more of it, and then save the world or something. The music is really cool! (It's more fun than I made it sound.)

Another Metroid style game is Eternal Daughter! This game is hard as balls, and to this day I'm still stuck on the last boss. Not much to say about it, it's pretty fun, and there are a whole whack of bugs you can use to your advantage. enjoy!

From the makers of Torus Trooper comes Tumiki Fighters! This is one of my all time favourite shmups because it is so fresh and unique. When you destroy ships, you are given an opportunity to attach them to your own fighter, eventually creating a massive ball of destruction. These fighters also act as a shield and will take hits for you. Here is a video of the gameplay. Coolest game ever.

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Shoot
X - This button does a bunch of things. When pressed it will shrink all of your attached ships into your main ship, which is very effective if you want to protect a rare or valuable part. It also locks your aim so that you can shoot in one fixed direction while still being able to move around freely.

Gotta love Rockstar! When they aren't busy causing mass controversy they're releasing their old games for free! As of right now, they have released Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 in their entirety absolutely free for download! Wild Arms is up there too, but nobody cares about that. Enjoy!

FYI: You need to sign up for their mailing list to download the games.

You guys might have heard of a little company named Bungie. They made some game called Halo. What you might not have known, however, is that back in the day they created a set of games that were considered to be the Doom of the Macintosh world. Now Bungie has released the entire trilogy, and not only that, you can play it on PC! Head over here to grab the games, and clicky clicky to get a step by step process on how to get it up and running in Windows.


Here we have Naac, a surprisingly addictive mix of Aliens and Smash TV. It even has an online high score table if you're into that. Enjoy!

Meet Within a Deep Forest. This is not your conventional platformer game. Plot is pretty much thrown out the window to emphasize exploration. The result is nice and relaxing! You play a little ball that must bounce around to new places and save the world or something. Throughout the game you receive new skins for your ball that allow you to jump higher, and do other fun things! To be honest, I almost deleted this game when I first started playing it. Stick with it and you'll enjoy it. The author also made a very similar game called Knytt but I never got into it.

Another old game released for free! This is One Must Fall: 2097, and it's the best PC fighting game ever made. Period. Download here! If you like fighting games you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't play this. What makes this game so good? Fully customizable robots each with their own stats and special moves, along with a huge story mode chock with hidden fighters, hidden robot enhancements and a hidden robot!

You'll probably need Dosbox to run it properly.

Also, one guy made his own tourney for the tournament mode. Grab it here. "This contains everything you need to play the tournament. It won't strain your modem either :)"

I'm sure every one of us with a copy of Klik and Play or The Games Factory have searched the internet at one point or the other to see what other crap people have made with it. Ever wonder what a game made from one of these programs would be like if the authors were on crack? Wonder no more!
This is "Teh Forum Game." The entire premise of the game is that you play various forum threads picked at random by the authors.

Another Asian shooter for you! Warning Forever features no levels, but intstead a constant string of boss fights. As you progress, the bosses get bigger and stronger. The cool part about this game is depending on how you fight it, the boss will change in different ways to combat it. Either that or it's random. Anyways Enjoy!

Here is Solid Football Action by UD member Rottking. The best game ever.

You know those movies where you see the giant worms burrowing into the ground, and popping out and devouring their victims? Well now you can play as one. It's surprisingly addictive!

This is Ragnarok Battle Offline! It's one of the best free, if not the best period beat 'em ups I've ever played. DD says that the environments and enemies in the game are based on Ragnarok Online, I've never played it myself (MMO's suck ass) so I'll take his word for it. Along with Cave Story, Torus Trooper and OMF: 2097, this is one of those games on the list that you absolutely must play.

Unfortunately, this game is Asian enough that you'll need a guide to enjoy it. Luckily, I'm here to save the day! Head over here for the SA thread I originally got it from. They'll give you a breakdown of all the classes, how to download and other fun stuff. Enjoy!

Next up is The Cleaner! I found this game fairly hard to get into, it took me about a week of playing maybe 10 mins or so on and off to really enjoy it. When I realized there was an actual plot in the game I started to love it. Definitely not your conventional platformer, you'll find you won't know what the hell is going on until a ways into the game. Oh, and this game is LONG. This game is longer than most commercial platformers released back in the day. It's stupid long. Get it here!

From the maker of Cave Story comes Akuji the Demon! This was made before Cave Story, and is nowhere near the same quality, but it is still awesome and worth a play. Enjoy!

Here is Alpha Centauri! Although this is pretty much Civilization 2 in space, this game features a bunch of features that aren't present in any Civ game to date. My favourite part of AC is the "workshop" mode, where you can make your own units from scratch and name them. This game also has a fully functional united nations, and artillery type units that can attack without being adjacent to the target. This game technically isn't free, but it's on The Underdogs, so that's free enough.
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Re: Free Games Week
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ew jap games week more like

though i did do low-end testing reports to ABA games in the past (2003)
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Re: Free Games Week
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SFA is obviously the best game here, also the worm game is fun 8)


Re: Free Games Week
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another good free game is nexuiz..thats a fun fps..
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Re: Free Games Week
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Aliens! is the best
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