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A bit of a bump, but I was banned from forums by Metalhead because of posting in this thread.  And not when this was active; she banned me last night, nearly a month later.  Log as follows for hillarity:

Carnevil: She banned you from the forum for participating in that whole gayness thread
Carnevil: Where you guys were trying to stir shit up for no good reason
'Me': Gayness thread?
'Me': I don't recall that one.
Carnevil: [ ]
Carnevil: [ ]
'Me': That was on a completely different site...
'Me': And weeks ago...
Carnevil: Take it up with her

Clear evidence that the new Skulltag staff are discriminant of sexual orientation.


Re: A poll to generate chatter
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you can't talk about being gay or racial slurs in skulltag forums. Ever ever. it's baaaaaaad.

Dunno why but hey, whatever offends you, I guess you can ban with extreme prejudice!

Because giving simple things (like words) power is all the rage!


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Re: A poll to generate chatter
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i told you furries start drama i mean a fucking furry started this thread i mean goddamn. they are good for absolutely nothing
unidoom more like unifur
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