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The Third Coming?
« on: March 21, 2010, 04:33:26 am »
Well it's about time I actually got around to updating this place - nearly 3 years gap is much too long, especially considering I actually hadn't (completely) stopped SLADE development over that time.

What's happened since the last update? Many things :P. SLADE 2 was abandoned not too long after the beta release, mostly due to waning interest on my part but also because I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the way I coded a lot of it. Not to mention the editor was fine enough for me to get by with. But of course over time my interest in coding it gradually returned. Attempting to continue work on the SLADE 2 codebase, though, made me realise just how badly i'd done some things, and I found it quite hard to understand some of the stuff I'd written myself :P

The thought of rewriting the map editor yet again to do (pretty much) the same thing was also quite offputting though, so I decided to do something different. Another program of mine, SLumpEd, was in a similar situation to SLADE 2. Why not combine the two into a complete editing package? SLADE3 aims to be just that :)

Since then it has been coming along slowly but surely, and recently I've released a couple of beta versions for testing - which you can grab from the downloads section (at your own risk, mind you - it's a 'testing' release for a reason :P). As of now I hope to have the wad/resource editor stuff finished soon, and the map editor in a working state by the end of the year.

More to come, soon!
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