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The Third Beta
« on: March 30, 2010, 08:07:04 am »
Well I figure it's about time to release another beta. A lot of stuff has been added since the last beta version, most of it added by Gez (a huge thanks to him, I probably would never have gotten around to putting in most of that stuff :)). So anyway, in ancient SLADE tradition, here's a list of new stuff:

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- Many bug fixes and small improvements
- Support for many new graphic formats:
   Various Doom alpha/beta gfx formats, AUTOPAGE, planar (Hexen STARTUP), ZDoom IMGZ/FON1/FON2, VGA-ROM, PCX
- TEXTUREx entries can now be viewed (still very WIP though)
- Support for Strife and Doom alpha/beta TEXTUREx entries
- Can now view all PLAYPAL palettes (instead of just the first)
- Gfx preview should now work on video cards that don't support non-power-of-two OpenGL textures
- Added ability to scroll the gfx viewer (via up/down/left/right keys or dragging right click)
- Added support for ZDoom alPh/tRNS chunks
- Added ability for 'portable' install, where all configuration files etc are stored in the application directory (currently activated by creating a file called 'portable' in the SLADE application directory)
- ANIMATED and SWITCHES entry viewer (editing coming eventually)
- Can now open/edit archives within archives (wad maps within pk3s, for example)

Perhaps I'll try to get a monthly beta release going from now on. Still a fair few things to go before the final v3.0 release...