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It's Beta 5
« on: May 17, 2010, 10:20:26 am »
Well I didn't get everything I wanted finished before this release, but it's been longer than a month so it's time for beta 5.

New stuff in this release:
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- The usual bugfixes and improvements (and possibly new bugs introduced :P)
- TEXTUREx editor redesigned, now is opened by double-clicking a texture related entry. The editor itself still isn't finished, though
- Basic colourisation (comments+strings) and line numbers in the text editor
- Gif support
- Detection for a bunch more entry formats
- Ability to import multiple files at once (with 'Entry->New from File')
The list isn't all that impressive I know, but a lot of the work since beta4 has been under the hood, so to speak. Anyway hopefully next beta will have the TEXTUREx editor done (finally), and perhaps the text editor too...