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« on: August 20, 2010, 04:15:12 pm »
I figure it's about time I released beta 6. It's been a few months since the last one (so much for monthly betas :P), but hey, the SVN builds should be enough to keep those most interested in development up-to-date. Many things are improved over beta5 in this version, so be sure to get it asap if you're still using 5.

New stuff? Here:
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- TEXTUREx editor is fully functional (not entirely complete yet though, just needs a proper patch selector)
- Implemented proper mass rename/import/export
- Support for opening/viewing more archive and image types: Shadowcaster, Amulets & Armor
- Implemented 'recent files' (in the file menu and also in a tab in the Archive Manager)
- New Bookmark system: In a fourth tab in the Archive Manager is a list of bookmarks. You can right-click on an entry in the Entry Panel to bookmark it. Then you can quick-jump to it with a double-click
- Massively improved entry list speed
- Entry list can now be filtered by name
- Added a basic preferences dialog
- Added a proper hex viewer
- Entry extensions are automatically updated if their type gets changed somehow (via gfx conversion, file import, etc)
- Base resource archive can now be selected from the toolbar
- MANY bugfixes, minor features and general improvements

3.0 is getting closer, gradually...