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"Final Beta"
« on: October 20, 2010, 08:17:46 am »
Aaaand it's beta 7. New stuff ahoy:

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- Enhancements to TEXTUREx editing:
  - More information shown about patches in the patch table tab
  - New patch browser to select patches when editing textures
  - Added 'Add to Patch Table' and 'Add to TEXTUREx' to the entry context menu ala SLumpEd
- Added map preview - supports doom, hexen, doom64ex and udmf format maps
- Added an entry type filter to the entry list
- Added 'Remove Unused Patches' feature
- Finished start page, with recent files, links and a 'tip of the day'
- Finished text editor functionality: autocomplete, syntax hilighting, calltips, and more
- Support for more archive formats: Quake PAK, Quake WAD2, Jaguar Doom, Duke3d GRP, Blood RFF
- Support for more gfx formats: Duke3d/build tiles, Heretic2 mipmapped pictures, various ROTT formats
- Added 'Revert' entry action, does the same as in SLumpEd - reverts the entry data to it's last saved state
- Implemented audio preview. Supports wav, doom sound, d64ex sound, creative voc, various module formats, midi, mus, mp3, flac, ogg, and more
- Added global palette chooser to the toolbar
- Added ANSI text screen viewer
- ACS script compilation
- Many bugfixes and improvements

With beta 7, SLADE 3 now has all the features of SLumpEd (and more of course). This means that I won't be adding any new major features for v3.0. Before the final 3.0 release, though, I'd like to get it as bug free as possible, so I encourage people to test beta 7 as much as they can, and report any bugs or annoyances via either the forums (preferrably), email or on the wiki.

Hopefully I can get the final 3.0 out before the end of the year :)